12020 Southwick Ln
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
(513) 489-4659
Sunday Service at 10:00am

Classes offered on Sunday @ 10:45 a.m.

College & Singles

This class is made up of college aged individuals and younger singles. Meets in room E9LL.

Foundations Class - Christ Centered Family Living

The Foundations class is focused on beginning and continuing a lifetime of Christ-centered family living. Topics covered include parenting, marriage and current culture with a strong foundation in biblical studies. We understand all of us fall short of God's perfection and therefore encourage one another through open dialogue about our own struggles and faith walk. It is ideal for the newly married, parents of younger children or anyone wanting to strengthen their multi-generational mission of spreading the gospel. Meets in room E10LL.

Homebuilders Class

The Homebuilders class is designed to serve the needs of young-to-middle-aged individuals and couples, and parents of toddlers through teens. Our goal is to better understand what our Savior taught and what He did while on the earth. With that understanding hopefully we can be more like Him in all that we do. Meets in room E6.

Transitions Class

The Transitions class is set up for individuals, couples, parents of teens through early empty nesters and beyond. Meets in room E4.

Perspectives Class

The Perspectives class is made up of mature Christians. Meets in the AP Room.

The Auditorium Class - A Credible Faith

The mixed auditorium class is in a study called a "A Credible Faith" investigating evidence supporting the Christian faith. Meets in the auditorium.

Classes offered on Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.

Adult Class

Join Northeast's Pulpit Minister for a study that'll be guaranteed to leave you with more answers and less questions about the timeless word of God. Meets in the AP room.

Men's Class

This discussion based class provides an opportunity for a look at the different issues facing today's Christian man. Various teachers. This class meets in room E10LL.

Ladies Class

This class offers spiritually uplifting discussion based on God's word. Meets in E6.